Katy’s the funny one, Greg’s the smart one, Mitch is the cute one, Mara is the cool one, Julia is the perky one.

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katy profile Katy Rex

Katy is super cute.  She really really likes dinosaurs and probably other things too but all she can think about right now is dinosaurs.  She has cats.  She writes comics analysis at Comics Bulletin, Talking Comics, and Bloody Disgusting. She writes scholarly articles for various academic journals, mostly because if she’s not adding Freudian or Marxist theory to Aquaman she gets bored. She really likes butt jokes, dinosaurs, and killing bad guys in Borderlands 2. She has a great sense of humor if you’re not an asshole.

email me at

Posts by Katy

On twitter via the main account, @EotUComics

Available for freelancing, see for a full resume




Fav Profile Pic

Mara Wood

Mara Wood is a School Psychology doctoral student living in the South. Her passion is research on incorporating graphic novels, manga, and comic books in the classroom and in therapy. When she’s not working,she can be found devouring manga series from the library, reviewing comics, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. She is the Comics Section Editor for NerdSpan, a columnist for Talking Comics, and a co-host for The Missfits podcast.

On twitter as @MegaMaraMon 



10155842_10152472331403939_7368762257089570951_nJulia Walchuk

Julia sings a lot and gets yelled at by her roommates. She hides comics in her college textbooks, but is amazingly still going to graduate this spring because she has superheroic multitasking skills. When she’s not reading, doing homework, working, or playing magic, she can be found sitting on the floor eating frozen peas and musing about the wonders of potatoes. They’re just so versatile!

On twitter: @j_woodchuck




IMG_1490Greg Mannix

Greg Mannix hails from Chicago, and knows the importance of pre-code horror comics. He is also a regular contributor to Glass Orchid Magazine. He likes to go out, but prefers to stay in. He can hold his breath for 30 minutes, but only once. Right now he’s reading:

email me at

Posts by Greg

On twitter as @GergNammix 


mitch dogMitch Miller

Mitch is a southern boy who has moved across the country a few times and even to Japan. He likes dueling banjos, underwater basket weaving, and brewing his own beer. One day he hopes to take over All Songs Considered from Bob Boilen. He will need to bone up on his fighting skills for the Highlander like battle. He has literally never picked his nose in his entire life.  Impressive, right?

email me at

On twitter as @bboyisastutter



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