Academic Interviews

Dr. Ryan Cox
-musical feature Heartless Bastards
In which we discuss various sundry comics-related points and mostly just ramble in a friendly manner

Heri J. Albertorio
-musical feature Charlie Freak
In which we discuss The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and comics history

Christopher Covington
-musical feature Akita-Ken
In which we discuss black superheroes and representation

David Gracon
-musical feature Fly Pan Am
In which we discuss independent music

Rachel Martin
-musical feature Guided by Voices
In which we discuss gender roles in popular series Fables by Bill Willingham

Matthew Nicosia
-musical feature The Fucked-Up Beat
In which we discuss conduct books and black superheroes as role models

Nicole Neitzke
-musical feature Dum Dum Girls
In which we discuss superhero comics as modern day mythology

Aaron Jerashen
-musical feature Nuttin But Stringz
In which we discuss WWII influences on Japanese & American comics


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