Kickstart My Heart – 27: A Comic Anthology inspired by music’s infamous “27” club

Happy Monday, worker bees and free thinkers! In the middle of starting your work week, don’t forget to check out this small press comic! As an End of the Universe reader, not only do you get to read about only the coolest and most interesting independent comics accessible via crowdfunding, but the creators have agreed to send any EotU backers a bonus sticker with our site logo– simply identify yourself as having come from this site when you back the book, and receive a FREE End of the Universe sticker!

Like the smoky haze of a ‘70s arena show, a cloud of mystery and intrigue surrounds music’s infamous “27 Club.”  Its members—including Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse, to name just a few—revolutionized music in their youth, only to die at the age of 27. Is it a conspiracy, or merely a coincidence?
27 4

Using the music and mystery as inspiration, an all-star band of fifty-four creators were challenged to add a few new grooves to the mythological record of the 27 club. These stories are not adaptations of songs or a particular club-member’s life. That’s not how Red Stylo rolls! This isn’t a cover-band—it’s a free-form jam session where our writer and artists use familiar melodies to create something entirely new!

That “something” is 27, A Comic Anthology212+ full color pages of original comics, art, and illustrated essays, all inspired by the music and rock stars of the 27 Club. Tracks run the gamut from hard-rockin’ horror, dramatic dirges, classical comedies, and even a few outrageous outtakes that you just have to see!

27 5

In addition to tiers of digital comics, they’re offering one VERY sexy limited edition hardcover, guitar picks, drum sticks, a rad skull shirt, and a number of other amazing anthologies that have previously come out from Red Stylo.

The deadline to fund this book is August 4, 2015.

The editor of 27: A Comic Anthology has agreed to ship a special prize for backers identifying themselves as End of the Universe readers. Once you contribute, email, and you will receive a free End of the Universe Sticker with your reward!

Keep reading for a conversation with Enrica Jang, editor of 27.

27 3

Why did you choose crowdfunding for this project?

This might sound weird, but the theme we chose for this year was, quite literally, bigger than we are.  27, a Comic Anthology, inspired by music’s infamous 27 Club, has original comic art featuring some true greats in music, not to mention cultural icons that shaped generations. With a theme with that kind of apepal, Kickstarter (as a platform) made perfect sense for this book because it taps into all spheres of the arts, not just comics.
Kickstarter was also the way to put out a premium product–bigger and better than we’ve ever done before. A hardcover book with over 54 creators. We’ve done trade paperbacks that I am extremely proud of, but this limited edition hardcover is a special edition , and different than anything we’ve tackled before.
Why should End of the Universe readers donate to your book?
Well, I hope that there’s something in this book that speaks to multiple generations of people. There’s the mysterious and macabre theme, which is fertile ground for some truly original and inspired stories. Music lovers AND comic lovers (and conspiracy junkies and cultural icon worshippers) will find something in the book to love.
And this Kickstarter is to fund our special edition hardcover, which is a limited run. Only 1000 copies of the hardcover will ever be produced–there will be no encore! Each copy will be signed and numbered by me (and perhaps one of our 54 creators.) Once they’re gone, they’re gone!
What sets your book apart from all the other comics available on and off of Kickstarter?
Of the many anthologies on Kickstarter right now, I think the challenge we present to our creators is what makes the collection special. We take a beloved theme and use it as inspiration for original comic art. No adaptations! Our mantra has always been to use something iconic and cool as inspiration for unique stories and perspectives. We don’t adapt–everything is original and new.
If this part of the plan is successful (i.e. your Kickstarter reaches its goals, you produce your content, it’s received with wide acclaim, etc.), what’s next? How long-term is this?
The anthology will live on digitally and as a trade paperback, but our Kickstarter is only to fund the limited edition, premium #ROCKHARD edition hardcover of 27, A Comic Anthology. We’ve done a new anthology every year for the last five years–this is still the biggest, best, most ambitious project we’ve ever tackled.

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