Kickstart My Heart: Gamer Girl & Vixen

It’s NCBD, and if you love comics, you should take some time out of your Wednesday to check out this amazing self-published comic featured in our new crowdfunding series:

Gamer Girl & Vixen

It’s a stunning & adorable GLBTQ costumed villain story, a classic coming-out epic about two gay women finding love in unexpected places (like the middle of a robbery).

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Gamer Girl & Vixen is the story of Bianca Crowley, a closeted young woman who finds the strength to come out by diving into the world of costumed super-crime. Bianca has kept her sexuality a secret for years to avoid the wrath of her domineering mother. Her only outlet for rebellion is stealing, which her father used to do before he was locked up. Everything changes when she meets the out and proud Gamer Girl, a would-be superhero who already has the kick-ass costume and awesome super-powers.

In addition to getting the comic, the rewards tier includes gems like a goodie bag of GG&V swag for only $35, and for those  willing to go the extra mile, a guest star spot is available for $400 (and there’s only one left!) This project runs until June 15, and rewards are expected to ship this August.

The creators of Gamer Girl & Vixen have agreed to ship a special prize for backers identifying themselves as End of the Universe readers. Once you contribute, email, and you will receive a free End of the Universe Sticker with your reward!

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Q&A with Sean Mills and Kristi McDowell, co-writers of Gamer Girl & Vixen

Why did you choose crowdfunding for this project?
Sean: We want Gamer Girl & Vixen to be seen and read by as many people as possible, and Kickstarter is a great way to get your project out there. If all we wanted to do was sell the comic, there are a lot of ways to do that online. But we wanted to get people invested in our story. Crowdfunding is a way for readers to let us know whether or comic has any merit. If they like our idea, they’ll support us, and we’ll know we might have a good comic on our hands.
Why should End of the Universe readers donate to your book?
Kristi: Readers donating to our book are supporting a series that fully embraces the idea that comics are for everyone and that everyone should see themselves in comics. We have a fantastically diverse cast and we’re telling a story that’s relatable. Your life changes a lot when you got to college, especially when you start hanging out with supervillains.
Sean: You’re not going to find anything else like us out there. While the big publishers or the movie studios are slow to adopt diversity, the little guys and gals like us can create the sort of comics and characters that people want to see.
What sets your book apart from all the other comics available on and off of Kickstarter?
Kristi: Well, we’re really working hard to blend genres with Gamer Girl & Vixen. It’s not just a superhero book and it’s not just a romance book; we’re balancing the two in an attempt to transcend both genres. I don’t think that comics have to follow the formula of the kinds of stories that came before them and with GG&V, we’re pushing the boundaries with what we’re fitting into our story.
If this part of the plan is successful (i.e. your Kickstarter reaches its goals, you produce your content, it’s received with wide acclaim, etc.), what’s next? How long-term is this?
Sean: Like all good writers with a passion project, we’ve got a lot planned for Gamer Girl & Vixen. But we also know not to go overboard. Readers aren’t going to want a 12 volume opus quite yet. Right now, we’ve written the first six chapter story for Gamer Girl & Vixen, which we intend to publish as a full graphic novel. The first two chapters are part of our Kickstarter, we’re going to publish those as standalone issues. And if we get really lucky, and we can raise some money beyond our initial goal, we’re hoping to make the additional chapters and give them out to our backers too.
Kristi: This is as long term as we can make it. Once this particular volume of Gamer Girl & Vixen is complete, with all six chapters collected into a beautiful graphic novel, we already have the bones of volume two in place. I know as of right now, I could tell at least three more volumes beyond the one we’re working on now. Plus, our cast is FULL of characters that can easily star in their book. I’d love to write a one-shot about Jumpshot, Gamer Girl and Vixen’s first heroic obstacle, or explore more about Bo and Ellen’s backstories. We’ve got a ton of possibility here and as long as people want to read on, we can keep making more.

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