Tuesday Roundup

With all the comics coming out this week, make sure not to miss these highlights!
A-Force #1
Published by Marvel Comics
Written by G. Willow Wilson & Marguerite Bennett
Art by Jorge Molina
Why we’re excited: As fans of Ms. Marvel and Angela, we can hardly WAIT to see what happens when these two talented writers team up to write an ALL-FEMALE Avengers! Just look at this star-studded cover and tell us you haven’t been daydreaming in fanfic for the day Kamala finally meets Carol.
I, Henchbot #5
Published by Robot Paper
Written by Jamison Raymond
Art by Ryan Howe
Why we’re excited: If you haven’t been following this yet, you’re missing out. I, Henchbot is taking an inside look at the life of a henchman, examining such topics as unionizing and health benefits for minions.  In this issue, the henchmen hatch a plot to get inside Vimco’s labs while Gary tries to balance his classload at ninja school with his daughter’s new curriculum at the Exceptionally Talented Children’s Academy. Meanwhile, Striker goes to Washington in an effort to thwart Headpin and the other villains plan to steal grant moneyfrom under the noses of the American people.
Grimm’s Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid #4
Published by Zenescope Entertainment
Written by Meredith Finch
Art by Miguel Mendonca
Why we’re excited: This mini-series will be ending next issue, and we will be sad to see it go– a classic nostalgia story with all sorts of cool gender subversions and clever twists, this book is never what we expect it to be. Will a betrayal from within be enough to wrest Erica from the clutches of Hibocorp? Will Ursula be successful in convincing the King of Atlantis that only she holds the key to the survival of his only child?  Will Erica lose her family before she has the opportunity to even learn of their existence?
STK671464Douglas Adam’s Dirk Gently: Holistic Detective Agency #1
Published by IDW Publishing
Written by Chris Ryall
Art by Tony Atkins
Why we’re excited: An all-new comic series based on Douglas Adams’ beloved holistic detective! Dirk arrives in San Diego to face a new country, new cases and new threats: reincarnation, for starters…!
Insufferable #1
Published by IDW
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Peter Krause
Why we’re excited: There might only be a finite number of times you can reexamine the superhero tropes, but this version is interesting and fresh. Veteran superhero Nocturnus battles crime on the streets, but his son and former protege Galahad fights his battles in the media, building his public image with an arrogance that would make Kanye blush.
STK671318Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella & Jennifer Blood
Published by Dynamite Entertainment
Written by Nancy Collins
Art by Dave Acosta
Why we’re excited: The team-up Swords of Sorrow series, assembled by none other than everyone’s favorite twitter personality and dog mom Gail Simone, has had a lot of hype– but any time that Nancy Collins is writing a vampire hunter who happens to also be a vampire, that hype is 100% attainable. Vampirella travels to Southern California to hunt down a supernatural serial killer known as the Pacifica Slasher, only to find herself transported to an alternate reality where there’s no such things as vampires, demons, and magic. But (as the most dangerous woman in the world, vigilante Jennifer Blood, knows) that doesn’t mean monsters don’t exist. Does the weirdly shaped sword presented to her by the mysterious being called The Courier hold the key to returning Vampirella to her own universe? Or will she be forced to live and die in L.A.?
Tune in next week for a new ragtag team of exciting new books!

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