Michael’s Hawkeye Essay, Book Project Quarter Four

Hawkeye: My Life As a Weapon

Mike essay

My 8th grade assignment was a book project timeline. We were required to write at least 16 things that happened in the book and use at least 2 sentences to describe them. 


1: Hawkeye is falling out of a building while talking to himself. It is not apparent why he is falling out of a building yet.

pic 1

2: Hawkeye lands on a car. He broke basically every bone in his entire body. That puts him out of work for a little while because he can’t really do anything.

pic 2

3: Hawkeye flips a wheelchair into traffic. He admits it was a little juvenile. He says he’s always wanted to do that.

pic 3

4: Hawkeye finds a hurt dog on the side of the road and takes his to the hospital to get fixed up. That dog becomes his and he names it Lucky. He only talks to the dog when Kate’s not there.

pic 4

5: Ivan, the landlord of the building Hawkeye lives in, is kicking out somebody from the apartment. This is an inciting incident that starts a lot of other people getting kicked out.

pic 5

6: Hawkeye goes to a casino where he finds Ivan and his gang. He offers to pay for the whole building’s rent and to buy the building.

pic 6

7: Hawkeye gets into a fight with Ivan and his gang. He gets knocked out with a beer bottle. Ivan wants to sell the building to somebody else and Hawkeye says “I wasn’t asking.”

pic 7

8: Hawkeye is sleeping at the hospital and Ivan’s gang walks in and throws him out of a window.

pic 8

9: Hawkeye gets shot, and before they could fire shot 2, the dog comes to the rescue, only to get kicked into the street (which pissed Hawkeye off) and he fights them again.

pic 9

10: Hawkeye was able to save the dog from getting run over by a bunch of cars. This shows that Hawkeye is caring and not just violent.

pic 10

11: Ivan’s gang finds him again and Hawkeye beats the crap out of all of them. Ivan’s gang will not let up.

pic 11

12: Hawkeye and Kate (a.k.a. the other Hawkeye) infiltrate a bad guy gathering where bad guys are robbing other bad guys. Some Italian circus performers hypnotise the audience of bad guys and steal all their money.

pic 12

13: Kate beats a lady up and puts her outfit on to fit in with the other circus performers. Hawkeye gets beaten up and captured.

pic 13

14: Kate comes to Hawkeye’s rescue and they get in a gun/fist fight with the Italian circus performers. Kate rescues Hawkeye using her disguise and then killing them all with arrows.

pic 14

15: Hawkeye is in a car chase with Kate and a girl who is tied up in the backseat. The girl was trying to sell Hawkeye her car, and it was a car stolen from Ivan.

pic 15

16: They steal Ivan’s car back and rejoin that car chase. Hawkeye shoots a bad guy with a putty arrow.

pic 16

17: They encounter Ivan again and Ivan and Kate get in a standoff. Ivan is pointing his gun and she is pointing the bow and they each have a hostage.

pic 18

18: Kate wins the standoff by firing a boomerang arrow that (according to Hawkeye) comes back every time.

last pic


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