NonCompliant Ep 3: Vocal Minority Retort

The regular Noncompliant team (Katy, Jess, Grant, & Logan) discuss the recent debacles in sexism here in the comics community, and we cover the detriments and virtues of Red One, Giant Days, Lumberjanes, and Squirrel Girl!

Grant’s NC shoutout: Demon Knights
Find his writing! Grant’s reviews at Sound On Sight
grant twitter

Logan’s NC shoutout: Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto
Find his writing! Logan’s reviews at Sound On Sight, Geeked Out Nation, Over Mental
logan twitter

Katy’s NC shoutout: Cameron friggin’ Stewart
Find her writing! Katy’s reviews at Bloody Disgusting, Comics Bulletin
katy twitter

Jess’s NC shoutout: Cassius by Emily Willis and Ann Uland, now on Kickstarter!
Find her writing! Jess’s reviews at Multiversity, Geeked Out Nation
jess twitter



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