Comic Sense with Julia, February 11 Edition

comic sense 0211It’s Tuesday, hooray! If you’re looking for something to read tomorrow, there are lots of great options this week. With everything from musical zombies to potato shaped heroes to the Cold War and more, you’re sure to find something you’ll like.

Help Us! Great Warrior #1

help us great warriorPublisher: Boom! Box

Writer/Artist: Madéleine Flores
Price: $3.99

This comic is wonderful and amazing and the hero is an adorable teal blob with a bow on her head who does not want to get out of bed unless cake is involved. She is a badass demon killer, but only when it’s convenient or if the demon has successfully managed to rustle her jimmies. The first issue of Help Us! Great Warrior maintains all the charm and ridiculousness that made the web comic so successful. It’s my favorite comic that I read this week and made me giggle uncontrollably several times, much to the chagrin of my studying roommates. Read it!!

Toe Tag Riot #3

toe tag riot

Publisher: Black Mask Comics
Writer: Matt Miner
Artist: Sean Von Gorman
Cover Artist: Chris Dibari
Price: $3.50

Toe Tag Riot made me so happy! I am generally not a huge fan of zombies because they have little to no personality. You can only hear someone moan about brains so many time. HOWEVER, when you have zombies who are only zombies sometimes and are constantly struggling to maintain their humanity, things get a little more interesting. Toe Tag Riot plays on the classic struggle of humans cursed to be monsters, but does so in a super punk and entertaining way. It follows an up and coming band’s struggle to build a fan base, play great shows, and not wreak havoc when they morph into zombies as soon as the first chord of each show is struck. When the Westboro Baptists and One Million Moms begin protesting shows, it’s not because the band members are occasionally also members of the undead, but because the bassist and the percussionist are in a lesbian relationship. The Baptists and the Moms need to sort out their priorities. (I hope you read that in a British accent and pretended to be Ron Weasley.) Toe Tag Riot is a fun, crazy romp that brings up several morality issues along the way. Definitely pick it up tomorrow, it is a series well worth keeping up with. Also there is a teddy bear named Teddy Mercury. You can imagine how awesome the little mustachioed plushy is.

Edward Scissorhands #4

edward scissorhandsPublisher: IDW Publishing
Writer: Kate Leth
Artist: Drew Rausch
Cover Artist: Joe Quinones
Price: $3.99

This is a comic I would have loved in middle school. Anyone who has ever frequented Hot Topic will be smitten with the little emo-haired, Jack Skellington-faced mini Edward. In fact, I’m a little smitten too. I’m having a bit of a love-hate relationship with this comic as it progresses. Things I love: the nods to the original movie, the unexpected darker side of mini Edward (his name is actually Eli, but he’s totally a mini Edward), the fact that at the end of the issue I really wanted to keep reading because I need to find out what happens next! Things I’m not so fond of: the cartoony art style (I’m having Courage the Cowardly Dog flashbacks *shudder*), Edward walks like the Holiday Armadillo, the blood looks like jelly and it makes it hard for me to take the comic seriously. I think this comic does a great job of reaching its target audience and I’m curious to see how the story develops as it moves forward. Edward Scissorhands is worth keeping an eye on and it could be a great introduction to comics for people who are a fan of the movie.

Divinity #1

divinityPublisher: Valiant Entertainment
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Trevor Hairsine
Cover Artist: Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
Price: $3.99

I’m always intrigued by characters who don’t have pupils. There’s just such possibility in the blank expanses of their eyes. Abram, the protagonist (or maybe antagonist?) of Divinity, is no exception. Sent into space in a Communist effort to win the Cold War, Abram has finally returned to earth, but there’s something different about him and 2015 is not ready for the powers he has developed. I greatly enjoyed the first issue of this new sci-fi series and I wish I didn’t have to wait a whole month to read the next one. If Divinity is any indication, the Valiant Next series of comics is going to be a powerhouse that we should all be excited about.

Rai #7

raiPublisher: Valiant Entertainment
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Clayton Crain
Cover Artist: Rafael Albuquerque
Price: $3.99

I have been excited about Rai since the very first issue. The art in this series is just A++ and not like anything I’ve seen in comics recently. The only way I can describe it is shiny and smooth, but not in a bad way. The shininess does not come from being over airbrushed, but it instead adds to the feel of a futuristic world in which things appear to be perfect on the outside, but are rough on closer inspection. Gorgeous pastel colors are mixed with silvers and grays to create the perfect setting for a dystopian future story that questions the rights of beings with Artificial Intelligence and the intents of an omnipotent dictator, Father. The battle that has been brewing throughout the series intensifies in this issue as the radicals who mistrust Artificial Intelligence ride dinosaurs and bombs are created out of breakfast cereal. Rai is a fantastic sci-fi read and deserves a spot on your pull list.

The Empty #1

the emptyPublisher: Image Comics
Writer/Artist: Jimmie Robinson
Price: $3.50

I think I like The Empty, but I haven’t decided for sure yet. It seems like it will be a series that is going to take a few issues to make a definite decision on. This comic focuses on two women from very different worlds. One is thrown out of her home in a land of prosperous people and lush, life giving soil. She has restorative powers that cause plants to thrive and grow. The other is the hunter for her town, which is suffering due to large poisonous roots that are taking over and destroying crops, animals, and water. They must join forces to find the source of the roots and restore the land to a livable state. I like that this issue focuses on two very different people getting to know each other and recognizing the positives in each other, even while others are doubtful and full of hate towards things out of the norm. As the series continues, I believe it has the potential to be a cool fantasy story and it even began to show a hint of humor on the last couple of pages.


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