Matthew Nicosia and a drinking game!

MatthewNicosia                   Matthew is a third year doctoral student of Theatre and Performance Studies at Bowling Green State University in Ohio where he also teaches undergraduate Performance Studies. He is also an avid comic book geek and aspiring writer. His research interests are in the area of popular culture and the performance of gender and sexual identity. He was recently awarded the 2014-2015 BGSU Department of Theatre and Film Dissertation Fellowship. Matthew’s dissertation focuses on female comic culture and the performance of violence, gender, and hypersexuality. In his limited spare time he enjoys stuffing his face with green M&Ms and spinning around his apartment pretending to be Wonder Woman.

The musical feature for this episode is The Fucked- Up Beat, Experimental Schizo Noir Trip Hop. A sound project by Eddie Palmer of New York, NY and Brett Zehner of San Diego, CA created in October 2011. Songs are recorded through e-mail using keyboards, experimental percussion and field recordings. Beats/Field Recordings by B.Zehner. Sounds/Instruments by E.Palmer. Music for Non Fascist Living. Capitalism Is An Abusive Relationship.



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