Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly is the artist for the culinary webcomic COCOTTE, also THREE, SAUCER COUNTRY, LOCAL, THE NEW YORK FOUR, NORTHLANDERS, LUCIFER, THE UNWRITTEN and his own FUNRAMA!  You can view his Tumblr and his Flickr gallery for more examples of his work.  He is an illustrator, painter and comic artist who’s done work for WIRED and SPIN magazine as well as DC, Darkhorse, Image and Oni comics. He lives in Minnesota with 3 children, 1 wife and 2 cats.

Musical feature is Tapes n Tapes, an indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Formed in the winter of 2003 at Carleton College, the band has released four albums.  Band members are all named after parts of the band name:

Josh Grier (Tapes 1) – guitar, vocals
Jeremy Hanson (Tapes 2) – drums
Matt Kretzman (‘n) – keyboards, multi-instruments
Erik Appelwick (‘n) – bass guitar


New theme song! Go check out Nerf Herder‘s new album.



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