Brockton McKinney

This week’s creator guest is Brockton McKinney of the fabulously funny and fucked up Ehmm Theory. Available for purchase here or at your local comic shop!  Click below to listen to me be awkward and occasionally funny with a talented writer until my computer blows up:


The musical feature for this episode is Wounded Giant.  Wounded Giant is a power-trio from Seattle, WA that jams on all things heavy, psychedelic and dark. They are unapologetically influenced by the greats, like Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind, Motorhead, Electric Wizard and the Stooges. They gratefully stand on the shoulders of giants; however aspire to leave their own mark on history. Formed in late 2011 as an outlet for the winter blues, Wounded Giant started recording and touring immediately. Four West Coast tours, a self-released EP and an unsigned record later, they’re itching for more. Their former/current band-member pedigree includes: Lightning Swords of Death, Galdr, Dirtworshipper, Basment Sessions, Kandi Coded, Anubis Rising, and Occult SS, among others. Their new full length ‘Lightning Medicine’ was mixed and mastered by the legendary Jack Endino. In the past they have worked with the likes of Billy Anderson and Tad Doyle. They’ve individually and collectively had the honor of sharing a stage with: Premonition 13, Weedeater, Valient Thorr, Zeke, Black Breath, Samothrace, Whitehorse, Buzzoven, The Body, and the list goes on. Wounded Giant has appeared on 99.9 KISW Loud & Local w/ Jolene twice, and are often played on her show. Doom from the womb to the tomb. Dig it.






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